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Happy Labor Day

September 8, 2009

This weekend our company celebrated our one-year anniversary (even though we were a little late – our anniversary was actually in July).  We decided to celebrate a wonderful year by going to Las Vegas.  In an economy where the “stay-cation” is more often than not the norm, you may wonder if it is wise for a small entrepreneurial company to spend money on such a frivolous trip.  As CEO, I resoundingly say “ABSOLUTELY!” 

Even though we do not have a large corporate structure, we believe it is vitally important to reward individuals for the hard work and dedication put in to build a successful business.  Yesterday on “Character Counts”, a short segment on the local news station, Michael Josephson, the host, reminded us that, “Labor Day is a good time to think about the role work plays in our lives” and he quoted Elbert Hubbard as saying that you need to “Get happiness out of your work or you may never know what happiness is”.

In a society of emails, Blackberry’s and iPhones, it is oftentimes difficult to stop working.  By taking a quick trip out of town and reaping the benefits of a very successful year, we were able to take a moment and realize that “Yes, we are happy” and coming back to work today wasn’t nearly as painful as Mondays past.

Hope your Labor Day was great!


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