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September 14, 2009

Advertising.  If there was ever an enormous black hole of uncertainty, it is advertising.

SNQ has been extremely fortunate over the years – without exception our client base has grown and evolved purely based on client referrals and word of mouth.  Most people agree it’s the best source of new business opportunities.  People place a great deal of emphasis on the additional comfort you get when someone you know has prior experience with something.  It can make our decision making so much more informed and educated.

However, on a different subject, stagnation is no one’s friend (except maybe when your age is 29).  Balancing appropriate growth in a small company, while maintaining your quality of work, quality of life (particularly the marriage portion … ahem) is always a challenge.  And thus to my point (I know you were beginning to wonder) – SNQ is starting its first real advertising campaign next month.  We have decided that while it has been an extremely strong year, filled with many new clients and opportunities, we feel that with some tweaking (technical term) we can easily grow our capacity – if done correctly.  Thus we will be advertising through the local Santa Clarita Hometown radio station, KHTS 1220am, both with radio spots and through their web site (  The site receives on average 80,000 unique visits per month, so not bad.

It should be a very interesting experience.  We don’t know what to expect, which makes finding the right prospect challenging.  We’re very particular about who we work with – we love all of our clients and the work we do.  Thus far we’ve enjoyed the luxury of picking and choosing who we work with.  Keeping that same focus, while opening up additional possibilities will be exciting.  More on this to follow, but wish us luck!


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