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Making it Work

September 21, 2009

What do people mean when they talk about progress in technology?  Does progress mean rapidly adopting newer software, newer procedures, newer systems?  What are the reasons why a business would change the way it works and adopt a new way of doing things?  The economy has taken its toll, and everyone is looking for ways to streamline or reduce overhead – to do more with what we have, or to accomplish the same amount with less.  Undoubtedly, progressive technology holds a key position in striving toward greater efficiency.


Everyone has a different idea about what it means to progress.  If you don’t believe me, just ask ten different people whether Windows Vista is better than XP.  The chances are that you’ll get ten totally different arguments, probably on both sides of the answer.  The reason is that what people really need from technology is something that works.  If I want to change my network settings and after ten minutes I haven’t found the right dialog box, then for me, something isn’t working.  This can be summed up in a simple phrase: technology must never get in the way of reaching the users’ goal.


For businesses, this maxim is even more important.  Making something that works in the business world is not a simple process.  It involves design expertise, a thorough understanding of where we are trying to go, and a plan to get there.  Does that mean that the latest, most expensive technology is the right solution for your business needs?  Maybe, and maybe not.  The important thing is to make sure you’re thinking it through, and applying technology where it really is appropriate to do so.



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