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Entrepreneurs … and Friends

October 6, 2009

Almost everywhere I look today, the entrepreneur is getting a lot of media time.  From the periodic alumni journal I receive from my university, to the airline magazine on my last flight, to the primetime television program I watched last night.

The desire to become an entrepreneur is for many just the next step in achieving the American Dream.  However, Entrepreneurship is not for everyone.  In many cases, you need to be willing to risk everything.  Most entrepreneurs fail before even getting their idea off the ground.  A lot of this is based on unrealistic expectations.  If you take a look back in history, coming to America, or coming out West can be looked at as some of the first Entrepreneurial adventures of Americans.  But looking further into the history, you will see that many of the dreams of becoming rich quick did not “pan out” for many of these dreamers.  So, what do you need to be successful as an entrepreneur?

First, you have to come up with an idea – which is obviously not as easy as it sounds.  Once you have an idea, you need to figure out how to create your niche in the marketplace if that idea has already been thought of (which admittedly, it most likely is out there in some form or another).  Another important aspect to success is determining how to provide a product or service that your customer wants.  Even though you may think your idea is great, or unique, if no one else wants it, you will fail.  And lastly, you need to have the ability to take your idea and make it into something that people not only want, but are willing to pay for. 

There are several aspects of entrepreneurship that I have enjoyed over the past 11 years.  I have the pleasure of meeting and working with dynamic new people.  One of the things I love the most is being able to adapt my approach to whatever my clients need – supporting their businesses, helping them to succeed, and even pushing them to reach their goals.  I take a personal interest in not only their businesses, but their personal lives and well being.

Being an entrepreneur can be a curse for some – while you can take credit for the successes, you are ultimately the only one responsible for any failures.  But those occasional setbacks rarely eclipse the daily satisfaction of working with people I can also call my friends.


Status Not Quo

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  1. October 7, 2009 2:20 am

    nice article

  2. October 7, 2009 1:58 pm

    Kevin – thank you for your nice feedback! Best of luck to you in your own endeavors.

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