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Nuggets of Wisdom

October 7, 2009

Decided to add a new category today: Nuggets of Wisdom.  I was cleaning up some old boxes in our office the other day, and came across a very small leather bound book named (wait for it … ) “Nuggets of Wisdom”.  Amazing little book with hundreds of extremely wise quotes – and near and dear to my heart was the fact that they were all very concise and too the point.

I enthusiastically showed the book to Pam, who informed me that it was actually compiled by her Uncle, a gentleman named “James A. Retzlaff” (which would have been obvious to me if I had leafed through the beginning of the book – where it is signed back in 1986 with the message “To Pam, with best wishes.  Always, your uncle, Jim Retzlaff”).  Per Jim, the book is “a collection of phrases selected by me over many years from many thousands of phrases that was my pleasure to read or hear”.

That said, here is one of the first quotes I came across – very relevant to Status Not Quo:

“A professional who doesn’t solve problems, creates them”.

Amen to that.


Status Not Quo

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