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Connecting 2 Success

October 8, 2009

Today Pam and I had the privilege of teaching and moderating at the “Connecting 2 Success” conference here in Santa Clarita.  This is an annual conference established by the Valley Industrial Association (VIA) and Junior Achievement of Southern California.  This involved over eight hundred students from one of the local high schools.  We taught three sessions, with about eighty students per session.

Again I stress the word Privilege.  Our topic for today was Ethics.  This has to be one of the most relevant, and character forming topics that a young person can experience in their education, before entering the work force.  It was an absolute pleasure, with the young men and women being very receptive and participatory – even when they had to create their own ‘skit’ to act out a challenging ethics scenario occurring in the work place.

The main point we stressed, and I pray they took away, was that today in your career, you can absolutely succeed and be profitable while being ethical.  This is not an “either or” decision.

One of Google’s points in their Philosophy statement is:

You can make money without doing evil.

What a wonderful foundation to build a company upon.  And obviously it’s working for them.

I encourage everyone to participate in events such as these – you always get back more than you put in.


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