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Is SEO focused too much on Google?

October 6, 2010

I’ve been reading a lot to keep current with Search Engine Optimization lately, and I’ve noticed how much SEO seems to be focused just on Google.  According to the latest data from The Nielsen Company, Google definitely still has the lion’s share of the search engine market at about 65%, but that still leaves an awful lot of room left, and I don’t think anyone can afford to ignore share that’s left over.  Bing and Yahoo together share about 27%, in roughly equal parts, and there are a few simple updates that can make your website more attractive to those sites, even if those updates are generally ignored by Google.

 Bing, for example, makes better use of a sitemap than Google does, and Bing also allows the use of the Keywords meta tag, which Google ignores.  Bing places more weight on page content than on external links, which is the opposite of what Google does, and both Bing and Yahoo place stronger emphasis on the actual text in an anchor tag then Google will.

 With Yahoo and Bing returning different result sets than Google will for the same search, there are plenty of marketing benefits to optimizing for more than just the Google algorithm alone.  It doesn’t take as much work as one might think, and broadening focus just a little can have significant returns on just a little investment.

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