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The Content Grid

November 28, 2010

Most companies are constantly struggling with the question of how to successfully market their company in today’s economy.  The question of course that is the holy grail for everyone is how?  There are so many channels and methods to pursue, and very few “perfect” answers.  I came across this image labeled “The Content Grid” posted by, with the Photo Credit going to “Jess3 & Eloqua” – found here:

The Content Grid


While this may not be a complete nor accurate representation of what is out there, it certainly illustrates the complexity of the challenge.  Companies both within retail and service-based industries find themselves almost blindly experimenting with various methodologies to see what mix provides success.

At Status Not Quo, this is a part of almost every engagement upon which we work.  There are few stand-alone development projects which can be designed and programmed without  in-depth consideration of the marketing leveragability and synergy.  And this is where our Industry and Strategic expertise shine.

There are companies out there that we partner with who are experts at search engine submissions, viral marketing campaigns, Facebook advertising, video marketing, and more – this just isn’t our focus at a at the nuts and bolts level.  However, the key differentiator in all of this goes back to the Strategic.  In almost all cases Status Not Quo is the company who understands the Operational, Financial, and Technological components of the business, the systems, the customer, and the offering – and has the required vision and strategy to bring it together.



Status Not Quo

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  1. December 25, 2010 7:57 am

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