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The Entrepreneurial Soul

February 21, 2011

I had never thought of myself as being Entrepreneurial.  After all, these are the “risk anything, succeed at all costs, invent anything in my garage” people.  To be honest, not exactly how I see myself  – I’m just an accounting and technology guy after all.

Yet starting and running a small business  in today’s economy makes being an entrepreneur almost a requirement to some degree.

I recently read this quote from Deepak Chopra, as he was discussing a book of his named The Soul of Leadership, which I’ll break into two parts.  (article here:

Part 1: “Any entrepreneurial leader has one main goal: How to envision that future and how to create that future. ”

Part 2: “So in order to be really effective, the leader needs to harness the intelligence, creativity, emotional engagement and also the emotional connection with the people that are part of his or her team in order to manifest that vision.”

My being a senior manager (President, CEO, CFO, COO, etc) for the last fourteen years or so has contained plenty of what Mr. Chopra mentions in the second part of the quote.  I’ve always felt that making that emotional connection with your people, and as a manager putting yourself in a support position to your employees is critical.  Draining, yes – but how else do you reap the rewards of that “intelligence, creativity, and emotional engagement”?

Lately it’s been Part 1 that is more of a struggle and constantly on my mind.  How does one “envision the future” and then “create that future”?  I think most would agree that part is very much the “art” of being an entrepreneur.   Since our company, Status Not Quo, is a technology based company, we evaluate our client offering and our services easily every six months – we constantly question our approach, and not only whether we’re providing value to our clients, but whether we think we’re doing better than everyone around us (at least from our perspective).

However, it’s still quite a bit less straight-forward than even that.  Envisioning and creating the future.  I think this is more than important than ever for all companies.  It’s not enough to be efficient and run a company well.  Without a dynamic value proposition, and characteristics that set you apart from the crowd (your competitive advantage) there’s a good chance that in this economy you’ll still fail.

Such is the challenge of an Entrepreneur today.  Maybe I over think it, but it’s definitely something that I struggle with at least several times a week, if not every other day.  We’ve been in business as a small and rapidly growing company for almost three years now.  And somehow I don’t think it’s going to get any easier.  But I do feel very thankful to have the opportunity.  Tired yes, but still thankful.

Scott Capistrano

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