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The SNQ 15 – Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29, 2011

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Thought Provoking Article:

Have a mission
Mission, not mission statement … Mission statements, no matter how well intentioned, become these trite little sound bites that you parrot indefinitely until they just become a meaningless jumble of syllables—kind of like what happens if you just say the word “marmalade” about 40 times in a row.

New Site to Discover:

Catch helps you create one place to privately capture & find your notable thoughts, ideas, images, places, lists & anything else you’d rather not forget.

Executive Tip:

Responsibilities of Management

Modern managers often utter clichés about wanting employees to “think outside the box,” take risks, and be creative.

While I’m sure companies appreciate breakthrough innovative ideas that increase profits, productivity, or quality, the fact is that most organizations are inhospitable to those who challenge old ways of doing things, even practices that are inefficient, useless, or counterproductive.

Social Media Tidbit:

Don’t get Lucky, Get Results! 21 Ways to Get the Most from Twitter

In life, there are people who know you, people who know of you and people who know nothing about you!

Human Side – Community:

Santa Clarita Valley Emergency Winter Shelter – Humor Helps Comedy Night Fundraiser

For one evening, helping the homeless will require a sense of humor. The SCV Emergency Winter Shelter invites you to our knee-slapping Humor Helps comedy fundraiser at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 15th.

Humor Helps is a family-friendly event, with comedy talent provided by J.R.’s Comedy Club in Valencia. Tickets to the show cost $15 and all proceeds benefit the homeless shelter. Humor Helps will be held in Blessed Kateri’s Slattery Hall at 22508 Copper Hill Drive in Santa Clarita.

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