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The SNQ 15 – Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10, 2011

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Thought Provoking Article:

Trulia’s Winning Strategy: Treat Your Startup Like Triathlon Training

How is building a company like training for a triathlon? Sami Inkinen–founder and president of the fastest-growing online real estate company in the world, and a triathlete ranked second on the planet among amateurs in his age group knows.

New Site to Discover:

Give all teens a place, a voice, and a chance to take control of their health and feel good about it. is a health community, social web site for teens created in collaboration with teens and health experts. With initial funding from a National Institutes of Health grant, we built a social platform that teens believe will work. Teens told us what they wanted and we listened. Now it’s up to us—and teens—to take BodiMojo to the next phase and reach as many teens as possible.

Our goal is to build a community of teenagers that allows youth to connect, motivate, and inspire one another in healthy decision making.

Executive Tip:

Which of the four are getting in the way?

Once you figure out what’s getting in the way, it’s far easier to find the answer (or decide to work on a different problem).

Stuck is a state of mind, and it’s curable.

Social Media Tidbit:

Global Internet Traffic Expected to Quadruple by 2015

Global Internet traffic is expected to quadruple between 2010 and 2015, according to data provided to Mashable by Cisco.

By that time, nearly 3 billion people will be using the Internet — more than 40% of the world’s projected population. On average, there will be more than two Internet connections for each person on Earth, driven by the proliferation of web-enabled mobile devices.

Human Side – Community:

Repertory East Playhouse – Cabaret
May 13 – June 18, 2011

It’s the city of Berlin in 1930, a time when political unrest racks the country, the 
economy has been destroyed, and millions of unemployed roam the streets. Into this young dancer’s life come
 several characters such as a rich German politician, a young Jewish man
 struggling with his identity, an Englishman teacher from London, and of course the
 all-knowing, all-seeing Master of Ceremonies, who welcomes the audience to the
 show and assures them that, whatever their troubles, they will forget them at the
 Cabaret. Cost for general admission: $20, Student/Seniors: $17.

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