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The Facebook fishing pole

October 25, 2011

Today we launched our first WordPress “plug-in” named “Social Dragonflys!” – essentially it’s a cool little tool that allows a WordPress user to easily create a Facebook company welcome page using WordPress – very quickly and painlessly – and very inexpensively.

We created this based on a growing demand for companies to have a corporate Facebook presence. People often mistakenly think that a company presence on Facebook needs to pertain to selling or doing something on Facebook. Not true. The real reason is very simple – expose your company to the millions of Facebook users who probably wouldn’t need your company’s services while they’re playing Farmville, but may need you when they get back to their “day job”. Once you’ve gotten their attention, the company page just needs to get them to visit your primary marketing asset – which is your corporate web site.

All interesting, but why did I name this entry “The Facebook fishing pole”? Glad you asked. We also created a Facebook sponsored ad campaign to promote the plug-in. If you haven’t worked with one of these before, it’s very interesting. Our first ad targets Facebook users who “Like” WordPress and PhP (which is a web language with a connection to WordPress), live in the United States, and are over 18. Apparently this ad targets 140,600 users. That’s a pretty big pond. And with that, we cast out our line.

Time will tell how this method works, but I absolutely know it requires fine tuning – the demographics, the interest filters, and even the geographic focus. However, I can say that within 30 minutes, the ad had been seen by 3,840 users, and even clicked through 4 times. Not a great ratio, but nibbles none the less. Stay tuned, and if you would like to make our day by checking out the plug-in, here’s the ultra-colorful website – with lots of fun mascots. Thanks!

Scott Capistrano


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