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Strategy matters more than ever

August 5, 2012

That is the title of a recent blog post by Seth Godin.  While the post outlines this topic very well, many would agree that he’s not really telling us anything most people don’t already know – that routinely focusing on your strategy is critical to not only success, but even just surviving in today’s business climate.  I always feel this topic is so critical it necessitates being repeated – however, this post caught my eye since he combined my two favorite business topics: Strategy and Execution.

Most of the post is focused on why having a unique strategy is critical.  In today’s competitive environment, that is pretty easy to see (difficult to create).  However, I really like that first he focuses on Execution.  In his first paragraph he says:

When everyone is playing the same game, your execution is critical. Your store is like their store, your bread is like their bread, so we care very much about the care and skill you put into your product or service.

Seems pretty basic, but I feel that too often business fail to stop along the way and ask the question – are we always focused on providing a great product or service.  Without superior Execution, the best Strategy in the world will likely be unsuccessful.

So here’s my mantra – create a unique and world class Strategy; then Execute it flawlessly.  And here’s the most important element – rinse and repeat … over and over.  Thanks Seth.

Scott Capistrano

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