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If your business isn’t the best quality, it will not succeed

December 11, 2012

Excerpt from last week’s SNQ Plus 1 internal meeting. 12/7/12: “If your business isn’t the best quality, it will not succeed.” – Tracy Reese

In just about every industry, quality plays a key role.  Certainly this must almost always be balanced with other competing elements such as productivity and profitability.  However, therein lies the key – striking  that balance.  Certainly the Holy Grail here is to be effective at maximizing all three elements.

All that said, my feeling  is that the process should always begin with Quality.  Determine the best “end goal” imaginable, and then adjust as needed to address the other two key areas.  In many cases, I find that the other two components can be accommodated as well (side note – this is where the manager or leader truly earns their keep).

At SNQ, we’ve always been highly focused on our product – technical accuracy, reliability, etc.  But even as we’ve recently been heavily refocusing on improving quality and thus our customer’s experience, we find that if you push – and I mean really push, you’ll always find room for improvement.

General Note: every week SNQ has an internal company meeting to address one topic that helps us to stay focused on going above and beyond the stated objectives – even if it is just 1% more.

Scott Capistrano

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