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What’s in your toolbox?

December 14, 2012

I recently moved, and the process of unpacking the kitchen prompted me to evaluate all things cooking related.  Do I use the tools I have on hand?  Are they the most appropriate tool for the use?  If I don’t use them, why not?  Did I forget I had it?  Is it just not relevant any more for where I’m today?   Am I missing tools that would be useful on a day-to-day basis?  Or just special occasions?  What about skills?  Is there something I’d like to be able to do (crepes anyone?) that would benefit from research, a class, and or practice? 

And then I thought about my professional toolbox – the same questions apply and it’s critical to conduct this type of evaluation on a regular basis.  We forget about methods we don’t use on a regular basis unless we review our skills toolbox.  And on the flip side, what new skills or knowledge would make us more effective and efficient?  Is there a better way to do something?  Evaluating your skills and knowledge toolbox keeps those tools sharp – and that keeps us good at what we do.

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