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Out of Time

January 11, 2013

Time is a fairly arbitrary measurement.  Based on our distance from the Sun and how long it takes the Earth to complete one rotation, we as humans have created a way to measure the events of our day.  Everyone gets the same allocation every day, yet so often we feel like we’ve get far less than we need.  We all know someone who never fails to impress us with the amount of things they can accomplish.  My sister is one of these people.

She and her husband both work very demanding jobs, both of them leaving long before the sun is up most days, and it’s not uncommon for them to need to work a 10 hour day.  On top of this, they are caring for year-old twins.  By most measures, the fact that they have not gone insane is an accomplishment in itself, yet my sister always manages to do so much more.  She’s always baking, cooking up new things for dinner, and having get-togethers at her house.  You’d swear she somehow has more time on her hands than the normal person, yet it is almost certain that she has less when you look at what she is responsible for.

I can’t say that I know what her secret is, but there is one thing that I’ve learned over the years.  You will never have time, if you never take time.  It’s a very simple concept that is very easily overlooked.  If there is something important to you, don’t make an excuse that there’s never enough time.  You simply need to make the time.  For me, one of the things that I’m trying to do in the New Year is to eat better.  That means more home cooked meals and less take-out food.  There is usually not enough time to prepare a proper meal once I leave work, pick up the kids and get home.  My solution is to spend a few hours Sunday preparing the meals for the week.  It’s not a magical solution to all my problems, but it is a step in the right direction.

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