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At a Snail’s Pace

January 17, 2013
As each new year begins, we are offered a chance for reflection and planning for the next 364 days.  Many of us make resolutions for change that last several weeks or months, but the majority of our good intentions are faltered by the daily obstacles of life.
I would like to share a story that my wife told me in order to inspire some tenacity as we set forth on our new year’s resolutions.  My wife worked as a caregiver through nursing school and helped a couple that had been dealt a hand of health that would make most people fold.  The wife had survived brain cancer and while alive, had very limited use of one side of her body and therefore, poor mobility.  The husband had a degenerative neurological condition that also limited his independence and mobility.  Despite their daily struggles,  they were very optimistic.  One day, the woman must have caught a look of sympathy on my wife’s face because she sat her down to explain her daily driving force.  She explained that they enjoyed life, just at a slower pace.  It took a lot longer to do things, but that wasn’t going to stop them.  She summarized by saying, “Even the snails made it on Noah’s arch.”
It’s often hard to keep resolutions, when only focusing on the end goal instead of all the tiny, victorious steps to reach that goal.  When the clock strikes midnight, there is sudden burst of determination.  But why should this wave of motivation come once a year? One goal I have set this year is to take time for honest self-reflection each month in hopes of continuing the tides of change throughout the year.  That way, when life gets stormy,  I will think of the snails and set a new course to reach my goals. 
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