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Stop starting, and start finishing.

January 20, 2013

Excerpt from last week’s SNQ Plus 1 internal meeting. 1/18/13: “Stop starting, and start finishing.”

I heard this one during a training/certification class that Pam, Sarah, and I attended last week – Agile/Scrum Certified Product Owner training.  The training was done by Mark Layton of Platinum Edge.  The training class was outstanding by the way, and highly recommended.

So this quote spoke to me since it was near and dear to one of my favorite concepts – the concept of being “Done”.  However, it also challenged me a bit from the perspective that I place heavy focus on planning (i.e. “starting”).  As a management and technology consulting firm, SNQ is very focused on managing scope creep through superior planning.  Thus, this quote challenged me to make sure we strike a balance between heavy and extensive front-end planning (and design), and delivering something to the customer as soon as possible.

One concept frequently presented by Seth Godin is the need to “Ship” – meaning that whatever you’re delivering to your customer – be it expertise, time, product, whatever – focus on getting it shipped as soon as possible – i.e. Delivered.

SNQ already works and performs very much in an Agile environment – while we do have longer term projects (8-12 months), a great deal of the project are measured in days, if not hours.  Incorporating elements from the Scrum methodology will help us to focus even more on delivering value sooner.  This specifically means focusing more effort on finishing – same quality and expertise – but more focus on the end customer deliverable!

General Note: every week SNQ has an internal company meeting to address one topic that helps us to stay focused on going above and beyond the stated objectives – even if it is just 1% more.

Scott Capistrano


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