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Me Time

February 5, 2013

It is amazing how a lot of women like me give up our personal interests and hobbies once we start a family. May be it is passed on to us in our genes. In all the years that I lived with my parents, I have never once seen my Mom do anything other than her work as a Teacher or attending to our endless needs at home. I was no different. For a long time, I blamed it on my little daughter that kept me on my toes and when I felt I had some time to myself, we decided on having another baby. My husband, on the other hand, does a hundred different things that interest him – golf, tennis, guitar, fiddling with electronics, you name it!

And then out of the blue, he suggested I restart my dance lessons that I gave up a decade ago. As impractical as it sounded, I did just that. I now have 1.5 hours a week all to myself. 1.5 hours of pure bliss, where I don’t once think about work, family or home. I never knew how much positive impact a little “me” time can bring to your life. It may sound selfish to some but it has been helping me a lot more to focus and give both my work and my kids the attention they need and deserve.

So for all the wonderful moms out there, the secret to a happy family is a happy mom and it is time we take a step towards that.


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