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There are many more complicated solutions than there are complicated problems

February 23, 2013

Excerpt from last week’s SNQ Plus 1 internal meeting. 2/21/13: “There are many more complicated solutions than there are complicated problems.”

This was an outstanding thought provided SNQ’s own Jeff Dillehunt.  It really embodies a concept that is critical to all aspects of business, but something that is the life blood of complex software development.

Frequently in business we make problems more complicated than they really need to be.  I get frequently get harassed about my proclivity to “simplify” things and make them as black and white as possible – i.e. eliminate the grey area.  We discussed this internally last Thursday at SNQ, and one of the main takeaways was the need to continually break a complex task or problem into smaller and smaller pieces, until you reach a point where you can “get your arms around it comfortably”.

If you’re facing something that seems bigger than life, simplify – by repeatedly breaking it into smaller chunks until you get to pieces which are manageable.  This can be applied to just about everything.

General Note: every week SNQ has an internal company meeting to address one topic that helps us to stay focused on going above and beyond the stated objectives – even if it is just 1% more.

Scott Capistrano


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