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Why You Do What You Do

March 5, 2013

This past week one of our employees celebrated her first year anniversary – congratulations Ashley!  So, I thought it quite ironic as I finished typing up her annual review that I received a LinkedIn Top News email and the first article was “My Plan to Replace the Dreaded Performance Review” by Ron B of VeraSage Institute.   The article had many great points – especially pointing out that rather than focusing an evaluation on what was done in the past, the focus should be on what is to be achieved in the upcoming year, how it links to the business plan, and focus on improving the work not just completing the work.

Another concept that was mentioned in the article was a Key Predictive Indicator called the High-Satisfaction Day (TM) – “An HSD is one of those days that convinces you, beyond doubt, why you do what you do.”  I think that this is a very important indicator to keep in mind when reviewing an employees performance.  Not only is this an important aspect of a business for the owners, tt is my belief that if your employees are gaining satisfaction from the work that they do, their happiness level will increase and this adds to the overall success of your business and improvement of the culture within.  Like the article mentions, it is difficult to measure Pride, Passion, Attitude & Commitment, but wouldn’t you rather have an employee that exudes these with confidence than rather someone who is simply skilled at their job skills?

So next time you are in the position to evaluate the performance of either yourself  or one of your employees, keep these points in mind, and hopefully this will help everyone happier in your organization.

Thanks for reading!


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