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Opening Day

April 7, 2013

All the past nostalgia and anticipation of the coming season, erupt with Vin Scully’s “It’s time for Dodger Baseball!”  Cue crowd noise.  Cue organist.

The excitement of Opening Day, like spring, centers on rebirth and potential. Every player, fan and coach believe that “this is our year.”  This faith is actually closer to superstition, because if you waiver for a second, it may set of a chain of cataclysmic events, forever changing the course of season. As we slide into our seats, donned in blue, there is a sense of camaraderie amongst strangers with shared chants, heckles and cheers.

Similarly, camaraderie in the work place can create a productive environment.  We have shared in previous blogs that we have a weekly Happy Hour in the office to promote this team mentality.  One hour a week is dedicated to establishing relationships, creating inside jokes and stepping away from virtual interactions for some good old ‘round the table family time.

After doing some research, here are some suggestions for building a team:

1. Establish your team.

Amongst the hierarchy of company positions, it may be necessary to be reminded that everyone is on the same team.  If productivity or morale is lacking in your office, it may be helpful to create a consistent culture of solidarity.  Annual picnics and conferences can be great, but every great team needs practice.   Frequent opportunities for insight into coworker’s personalities, drives and preferences may improve the communication within daily work interactions.

2. Give your team wins.

Nothing shows appreciation more than acknowledging small victories and celebrating larger ones.   Champagne showers atop sacred electronic equipment may not be the best choice, but start a tradition in your office that makes your team feel like they won the World Series.

3. Provide Stats and Award MVPs.

Depending on your line of business, providing statistical analysis of outcomes may point out team’s strengths and weaknesses.  Be careful when highlighting individual weakness publically, as this may be counterproductive to building up the team.  Conversely, point out the qualities that brought home the “W.”

4. Fashion a Uniform

Clothing adorned with the company logo is not only a walking advertisement, but can give employees a sense of belonging.  This tactic is very helpful with welcoming new team members.

5. Create Pre- Game Rituals

It is unreasonable to think that every team member is going to work at 110%, all day, every day.  Therefore, if there is a huge project or particularly busy time of year, get the team pumped up before.   Mentally preparing the team and vowing to work together may help to reduce some of the stress leading up.

Let this week inspire a season of growth within your work environment.  Creating an all-star team, may recruit more customer fans!

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