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Being a Student of Your Profession

May 21, 2013

Most people invest in a great deal of time in school before they travel out into the world to start their professional life.  In the early years, learning is synonymous with school and will continue the next 20 years.  However, your education should not stop there.

Certain professions are required to engage in ongoing learning, such as doctor and nurses, to stay up to date on the latest procedures and treatments.  Those in other professions should be challenged to do the same, despite the demands on their time

Life is always so incredibly busy and it’s difficult to find the time to focus on ongoing learning in light of the other, seemingly more pressing demands.  But it is essential that we never stop learning.  There are new techniques, new discoveries, and new information available every day.   Being a student of your profession and engaging in ongoing learning is important in order to remain competitive in the market.  New findings could lead to improved safety and well-being, and time-savings or efficiency.

As a developer, I see technologies being constantly released at an astounding pace.  There are new languages being introduced, new frameworks to extend the existing languages, and new tools to increase your productivity.  As an example, HTML5 is widely used as a standard in web development today; however the specification is not slated to be finalized until 2020.  As a programming professional, I continuously find ways to improve my learning of new tools and language, and to share these learnings with my colleagues.

The investment you make today as a student of your profession will reap you large rewards in the future.  Never stop learning.

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