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June 26, 2013

We all have a list of priorities.  We take care of the children in our lives, whether a friend’s, a niece or nephew, or our own.  We worry about our parents, and try to be there for them.  We try to be a good spouse, partner, significant other, and friend.  We work hard, and try to move our careers along.  When someone asks for help, we say yes.  But where are you on the list?

So often, we don’t even include ourselves on the priority list.  Making the time to eat right, and exercise.  Taking the time for that thing you love to do that makes you happy, whether it’s biking, reading, cooking, or a watching a movie.  Saying no occasionally, even if it’s just by letting a call go to voice mail, so you can have a quiet evening.  And yet, if we don’t keep ourselves healthy and sane (relatively at least!), we can’t be there for everyone else on the list.  And that means both short term and long term.  When we’re happy and healthy, we can share that with our family and community.  We can support others as they work towards the same goal.  We don’t have to be at the top of the list, but we do need to be on it, and in that top section that needs to happen, not at the bottom after everything else is down.  Accept that not everything on the list will get done, but realize that you’ll get enough of the important things done for it to be ok – and make sure that you’re a part of those important things to be done.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and marathons take training and preparation, both physical and mental.  Make sure you’re there for the long run.  You are worthy of being a priority in your own life – and that will help you to be there for everyone else in your life.

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