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Inspiration triggers

October 23, 2013

Inspiration.  Much has been written about the subject.  Where does it strike?  When you’re singing in the shower … a weekend getaway … when you’re fresh in the morning?  When does it happen?  3am … when you’re driving … when you’re bored?  Unfortunately, the difficult part of all this is the randomness of the circumstances.  You can’t force inspiration … or can you?

I’ve always been sensitive to things that trigger inspiration.  It definitely is a combination of elements: change in mind-set, stress level, location, what you’re eating or drinking, time of day, music to which you’re listening, even specific events like coming off a successful project, meeting, or your day in general.

I believe these triggers can absolutely be identified, and while inspiration cannot necessarily be “forced”, it can certainly be helped along.  Learning how your mind works, identifying these triggers, and then being ready and wiling to take advantage of them can be the first step in changing your entire perspective, and bringing out an entirely new side of your intellect.  One that is innovative, strategic, and goes a long way towards providing self-motivation – not to mention motivation for those around you.

Take the first step – experiment with different scenarios outside of your normal “routine”, and when inspiration does hit (for anything really), take note of the circumstances.  Then see if you can repeat it.

Scott Capistrano

Status Not Quo

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