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Personal Branding in a Digital World

December 19, 2013

A buzzword that is becoming widely popular in the digital marketing world is personal branding. Personal branding is the process of people marketing themselves as a brand. The goal of this is to increase online presence in specific areas of expertise so that you are distinguishable or well-known.

So why should you build your personal brand? We live in a world where people search for everything online. People no longer thumb through phonebooks to find a business or service. Whether it’s on a mobile device or a desktop, without a strong online presence and branding, you will have a difficult time competing in your market.Personal Branding

Here are five tips to improve your personal branding:

1. Publish Quality Content

“Quality over quantity.” Don’t you love old clichés? Even if you don’t, this one still holds particularly true. Publish a blog post weekly or create additional pages for your existing site using a CMS like WordPress. Remember quality content is shared, linked to, quoted, used to answer questions and provide entertainment – not mindless words on a page talking about your dog Miffles or toast.

2. Share, Like, Link, Engage!

Engagement is a great way to become known. Get your name out there by joining conversations on social media that are relevant to you. Remind communities and forums about your expertise through posts, sharing articles you like, or even retweeting your favorite blog post.

3. Build Your Fans

Easier said than done, right? The best way to increase your fan base is by attracting subscribers and followers. To do this, you need consistent quality content that keeps people wanting more and engaged. Create a so-called “Social Voice” that portrays your expertise and interests. Once you’ve gained your following, it is amazing how easy it is to spread your message.

4. Nurture your Garden of Fans

“Friendship is a plant we must often water.” Great quote that was the topic of discussion at our last SNQ + 1 meeting. In order to keep your fans, you must maintain the relationship. Your fans want to be noticed and acknowledged. Provide insightful feedback to their responses or push them to think about an idea from a different point of view. Don’t just thank them for the comment, hold a conversation and treat them with respect.

5. Perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google receives approximately 88 billion searches every month; two million every minute. However, 16% only look at the first few search results, while 32% will read through to the bottom of the first page. Search engine optimization is a must for developing personal branding. It does you no good if no one can discover you through search engines. Perform some simple white hat SEO techniques such as creating pages on the major social media sites, publishing a weekly blog that links back to your website and developing authority by joining high page ranking websites.

Developing your own personal brand does not happen overnight. It takes consistent time and effort. By following these tips, you too can enhance your personal branding in this digital world.


Posted by Nate Cusick
Status Not Quo
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