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Where Does Your Business Fit in Social Media?

February 28, 2014

With social media becoming as popular as it is, it seems like hundreds of new social networking sites are born each day. While they all serve the same root purpose, like people, each social networking site has unique characteristics. This is important to understand when trying to engage your customer through social media.

Sure Facebook is the quarterback, but maybe your target audience prefers to hang out with the linebacker.  There are plenty of social media sites that might bring you more clients than Facebook.

If you are looking to optimize your engagement on social media, the first thing you need to do is determine which site your target audience is most present. Research what features each site has that may hold the most benefit to you. For instance, if you are a local music producer, your niche may be within Myspace. Another example would be if you were a technical consultant, you may find that Reddit holds a stronger audience for you.

Setting up a strategy before you embark on your social media engagement campaign is crucial. You need to determine your business’ personality, your target audience and determine the right social media site. We’ll help you learn a little bit more about the personalities of each major site.

Social Media

  • Facebook: Facebook is the leader of social media. It is home to over one billion users. With this many users, any presence on Facebook is a positive one. Even if your target audience isn’t greatest on Facebook, you should ensure you at least have a Facebook page for your business. Your main goal on Facebook is to introduce consumers to the members of your business. Facebook users want to know that there are actual humans behind the logo. Facebook is best for local businesses like boutiques, dentists, restaurants, etc.
  • Twitter: Twitter is very specific. Sure there are a lot of users on Twitter, but it does not do somebody like web designer as much good to engage on Twitter as it would… let’s say a politician. Twitter is all about sharing what’s going on in your mind. And let’s face it, if you run a business, people don’t care all that much if your prefer cheese over pepperoni pizza. Twitter is most optimal for personalities. Don’t spend time engaging on Twitter if you are not a public figure or if you are not trying to share a coupon for your business.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is all things pretty. It works best for hair stylists, restaurants, boutiques, and any other business whose products/services look “cute” in high definition pictures. Let’s face it, nobody is going to re-pin a screen shot of a Global Ajax Event Handler you used.
  • LinkedIn: It is all about being professional. LinkedIn is full of executives looking to network with other executives. This is where businesses like consultants and computer specialists do well. There is the most opportunity for these types of businesses here.
  • Google Plus: Google plus is another site for professionals. Not a lot of people are going to go to Google Plus to actively search for dentists, boutiques and restaurants. They’re more looking for business to business related services. However, it is important to note that Google now tweaked how search results are displayed for certain business categories. Before if you searched for a “dentist” you would see Ads followed by Organic results. Now you will see Ads, Local Google Plus profiles, then Organic results. It is very important to have a Google Plus page to appear locally. If you are a more “professional” company, you might do well on Google Plus.
  • Reddit: Reddit is all things clever. As a forum for discussion, companies like Microsoft and Apple tend to have “Ask Me Anything” forums. It is a good site to answer professional questions about your field. Tech-based companies will do well here. You might also do well here if you have a strange obsession with The Walking Dead or American Horror Story.

You can also read the blog our good friends over at Dental Digital SEO posted on Social Media Engagement from an SEO perspective.

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