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Website trends for 2014

March 31, 2014

This is a topic fairly overused by this point in the year.  I’ve recently run into a multitude of articles and blog posts with a very wide range of trends in web design for 2014.  Some are written very well, and arguably spot on from my perspective, while others seem as though they were written for a different year (or decade) altogether.  However, frequently in both cases there is little focus put on the “why” side of the reasoning as it pertains to the users themselves – i.e. the customer.

Here’s a short list of trends I feel are very important as it relates to the customer experience:

Responsive design

Long story short, this is a website that has been designed and programmed to dynamically adjust itself based on the browser resolution on which you’re viewing.  Very importantly, we’re not just talking about a website scaling to different resolutions – for example a web browser versus a mobile phone browser.  That is important, but an excellent responsive experience also dynamically adjusts the presentation of the same content base to target the information the user needs – all based on the device they’re using (and even based on location!).  For example, a PC browsing user may be looking for much more detailed research information including graphics, lists, and more; however, a mobile browser may be simply looking for contact information, reviews, or an abbreviated description of something.  Customer value: a seamless device-agnostic experience.

Content that delivers value

Today’s users have much higher expectations, and very short attention spans.  That means that content needs to quickly answer a user’s questions and immediately deliver value.  In addition, as critical as today’s users may be, today’s search engines are even more critical.  Google has spent the last 12-18 months completely turning the SEO industry on its head.  Google’s algorithms are sophisticated enough to know whether the content you write provides value to users – even down to the grammatical correctness.  Customer value: unique and concise answers.


The Internet can present an overwhelming deluge of data.  Continuing along the trend of providing value in a unique and concise manner brings me to Infographics.  An infographic is a graphical representation of a collection of ideas, statistics, facts, etc.  A well done infographic can help a website (or other medium) to quickly convey what would otherwise be an overwhelming and potentially boring collection of content.  Ideas such as Infographics will be more crucial than ever in capturing a user’s attention long enough to get the message across.  Customer value: innovative presentation and engagement.


This is a very short list of concepts already making a splash in the web and digital marketing industry.  SNQ is extremely focused on providing high customer value and engagement, and these concepts are a great place to begin.  As always, think outside of the box and dare to be different.  Be not quo!

Scott Capistrano


Status Not Quo

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