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The Power of Social Media

August 21, 2014

By now you’ve probably heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge.  People all over are dumping buckets of ice water on their heads and then challenging others to do so.  It’s become something of a phenomenon, with celebrities getting in on the act as well.  In recent days the challenge has even come under fire in the state of California, where we are facing the worst drought in decades, for the amount of water that is being wasted on the challenge.  The main criticism is that those doing the challenge, have potentially opted for the ice bucket bath rather than making a donation to the ALS Association.

As I write this, the ALS Association has raised $41.8 million dollars. What’s most amazing is that in the same period last year, they raised only $2.1 million.  The awareness of the ice bucket challenge is obviously making the difference.  The combination of friends challenging other friends, along with the exposure this has seen on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even television has raised this to the level of national debate.  Even critics of the challenge are doing a lot to garner awareness, as most often critics are the loudest ones in a group.

What’s the lesson to be learned here? Strong engagement over social media can be an incredibly powerful tool to spread awareness for your business. 

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