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Tis the Season to Shop Online

November 25, 2014

“65% of U.S. shoppers will browse online and buy in store over the holidays. 47% will actually purchase online.” – InternetRetailer

More and more American’s are flocking to the Internet for holiday shopping, especially with so many special day sales: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, etc. If you’re an eCommerce site, it’s now not a point of “Are we going to do anything special for the holidays?” but more of “What are we going to do?” Even if your site doesn’t host any holiday promotions, why wouldn’t you make the most of this time of year to increase your revenue? In 2013, online spending hit $2.29 billion on Cyber Monday alone!Online Holiday Shopping

Though the holiday season is quickly approaching, it is never too late to perform some quick-turnaround search engine optimization (SEO) just in time. Here are four last minute tips to bolster your SEO presence for the holiday shopping:

Amazon and eBay
Leverage these two major holiday players. Adding your products to their site can help bolster your SEO. We know how popular they are so doing this can provide a major boost to visibility – thus increasing sales and traffic. In 2013 on Cyber Monday for Amazon, more than “36.8 million items were ordered worldwide. That’s about 426 items purchased per second.” – TheVerge

Top Landing Pages
You should have a pretty good idea of where the majority of users are going on your site. Make sure these landing pages include special holiday promotions. If it doesn’t make sense to do this, at least add links on these pages to your holiday pages – giving them another avenue to reach your holiday deals. People are already visiting these pages, use that to your advantage.

Get Social
Claim or create listings for your site on high authority holiday shopping sites such as or Also post daily comments to your primary Social Media sites – this could be just the thing for that extra boost. For example, killer gift lists and sales would almost certainly be well-received. Not only is this establishing backlinks, this is another way to get your name and content out there.

Shopping Never Sleeps
According to Google and Your Business, one third of all shopping-related searches are now happening between the hours of 10pm and 4am. While it is unreasonable to monitor outside of business hours, an easy way to manage the non-working hours is to setup Google AdWords. With such features as automatic bidding, AdWords allows you to create an optimal online-advertising strategy to reel in those late night “primers”.

Though the holiday season can be a stressful time for your business, remember that there are always solutions out there. Following these simply SEO techniques, you too can join the online shopping movement and turn this holiday season into a more fruitful one.

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