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Securing the Future of the Web

July 13, 2015

In recent months I’ve seen rumblings of change on the web. It would seem that in an era of spying, we are seeing a real push to secure all traffic that moves on the web. Back in December, the Chrome Security Team proposed a new standard to indicate the non-secure status of a webpage. In their view, people have become used to seeing an indicator when a website is secure, but they generally don’t see the lack of an indicator as “proof” of insecurity. More recently, Mozilla, the team that works on Firefox, has proposed deprecating the non-secure HTTP standard altogether. Their approach will gradually increase the expectation for security, and new features will not be available to users.

In a way, this is the end of an era. Running your site securely has generally been the domain of shopping, banking, and honestly anywhere you enter a password. This would move that any site run securely. This does add an additional burden to folks who wish to maintain a presence on the web, but there are already many costs involved, from purchasing and maintaining a domain name (or many) to the hosting fees. This will now be part of the “new normal” for web operations.

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