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A Summer Internship at Oddly Even

September 29, 2015

I spent my summer as an intern working on mobile development which is making phones apps, in sunny California, for Status Not Quo. The feelings I had when I had left to move to California were that of excitement and also terror since I had not traveled far from home in Illinois on my own. Although, being out in California was scary and I missed my family back home. I wouldn’t be the same person I am at this time without it. When I say I would not be the same person I mean that figuratively because working has expanded my knowledge and has grown me as a person.

I got to experience a wide spectrum of so many parts of mobile development and programming. I know, you mean what did you get to experience and I will tell you I got to learn about parts of programming I did not know even exist. Such as, a RESTful Web Service. Yes, I know I was like “What is that? Let me go Google that real quick. Could you explain it?” the simple answer is yes I can explain it. But well no. Also, I got to work with mobile devices sensors so I can create an accurate location tracking. I had no interest in do anything with location based technology before but now I want to work more with it. Then, I work with storing information on phones which to be honest isn’t that interesting but it is important because if you can hold on to something how can you expect something to run again and again. How could a phone hold onto what people had previously select if you did not store information and data, it can’t. I mean these are some interesting thing especially to someone starting out who might not have seen them until later on after joining the workforce with a degree, but I got to make them work together.

Now, that was just one project. Also, I am kept busy because I always have something to do. There is a project and each project is different. I have gotten the chance to update and modify apps with my work. Other times I get to test other people’s work which is something I enjoy. There is feeling that things are going to work out because before I get a chance the apps are tested by their maker. However, nothing is perfect and it takes many revisions to get an app to an acceptable state. That has ended up being true while building an app.

There was a project was to verify that X was a problem and was it easy to fix. Well that project turned into terror; however, I learned several things from another’s mistake. Like the importance of naming and not having every part of a project call the rest of the project. That project was like a Russian nesting doll that never ended. Currently, that is still being worked on and I am not for which I am happy for because that project gave me a headache.

Now, all good things have to an end and I am grateful for the chance and opportunity to learn and grow with Status Not Quo and Oddly Even. Now, I am excited by joining their ranks to continue to grow, learn, and enjoy the wonderful California weather.

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