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We Go Together

January 8, 2016

We go together

Your company culture can form the solid foundation from which your company can reach for its goals, or it can be an unstable mass of shifting sand, constantly undermining your efforts.  There’s so much data about culture these days, it can be overwhelming – not to mention contradictory!

Here’s a different approach to the discussion:  with all due credit to Stacy London and Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear , the components you build your culture from don’t have to match, but they do need to go together.  Since culture is driven by the people in the team (or department or organization), we’re really talking about personalities and value systems.

No one wants a company filled with pod people or clones – groupthink can be hideously destructive, and a lack of innovation has left many failed companies in its wake.  That said, the opposite extreme can be just as bad, resulting in failed communication, opposing goals, and a lot of strife and stress.  A great culture is built from individuals with common ground or value system, which provides a space to meet and work through the differences that will occur.  Complimentary personalities and skills result in a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.  So the next time you look at your team, instead of worrying whether everyone matches, ask yourself this:  do we go together?*


*And now I have We Go Together from Grease for an earworm…

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