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The number one thing I love about Slack.

October 7, 2016

slackThe best solutions are those that are home grown through sheer necessity (or desperation!).  Slack is a cloud-based communication and collaboration tool, originally used as an internal tool.  Here’s a fun fact: did you know that Slack stands for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”?

Slack works in a web browser, a local program, or a mobile app.  You can use it to create “channels” for conversations of any topic.  In addition, it supports direct conversations, or any mix of individuals.  It can also be used to communicate with others outside of your organization.  It facilitates images, attachments, videos, links – you name it and Slack handles it.  And it has been highly leveraged through integrations with other companies.  It even integrates with Giphy – although that one is arguably dangerous lol.

Status Not Quo introduced Slack last year.  Not everyone was a fan of “one more tool to use”.  However, as a custom software development company, we were trying everything we could to cut down on email while also improving productivity.  How well we execute our projects is everything.  Yes, we need to be creative and programming experts, but execution is where it all comes together (or for many companies, falls apart).  Thus, anything that enhances or streamlines communication is something that grabs our attention.

To cut to the chase, it absolutely cut down on email and streamlined communication, all while enhancing the flow of information.  But none of that is thing that I love best.  The best thing is how it enhanced our culture, and connected our Status Not Quo family even more tightly together.  Culture is already at the top of our list.  With hiring for fit at the top of our recruiting requirements, we already start with people who are a good fit in some way (mind you, we’re an incredibly diverse group).

However, now the conversations in Slack go far beyond “the projects”.  One favorite channel is the “Random” channel.  On any given day you might see posts and discussions about light sabers, movie quotes, new games, National Taco Day, and just about anything related to pop culture.  And our conversations don’t just happen during the week during business hours – Slack is a 24/7/365 conversation.  It’s a conversation that people “want” to be a part of, rather than “have to” for work.

If you haven’t tried Slack, check it out.  It will impact your communication and culture for the better!


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